Zenitus Technologies

Let's take IT forward

Who we are

“Customer Need First” through innovation and creativity.

A young IT consulting and software development company primarily focusing to serve the technology needs of Japanese customers.

Our aim is to make a difference by enabling your Business to run seamlessly through technology. Being a customer centric company we strive to keep everything simple and transparent. We apply strategic thinking, design insight and practicality in every aspect of our projects with the goal of successful end to end implementation.

What we do

With talented bilingual engineers, backed by passionate founders we have the right attitude to support all your needs through our services.

Offshore Development Services

Zenitus aim at providing efficient and cost effective offshore services for web/mobile application development, offshore laboratory team. We achieve this through our skilled bilingual IT engineers offshore bridged by our experienced bilingual engineers onsite.

Products and Solutions

Products and solutions at Zenitus aims at making Organization more efficient and change the way Organization use technology.

ClaimZ  -   Easy Insurance Claim Application
TrackZ  -   Platform to track moving objects 
EaZy UI -   Pre-built UI utilities                         
ChatZ    -   Custom Chatbot with Analytics     

Consulting and Outsourcing

Zenitus provides bilingual software engineering services throughout Japan on various technology platforms (SAP, Web, Mobile) both on long term and short term basis.

Maintenance Services

Our strong bilingual technical engineers are ready to support your application maintenance requirements both onsite and offshore 24/7.

Testing Services

A dedicated team of bilingual engineers provide application testing, security vulnerability testing as a service.


Young and talented engineers are hired and trained in Japanese language and technical skills.

Products and Solutions

ClaimZ - Easy claim application

ClaimZ is an insurance claims application for the insurance customers to self help with their claims.

TrackZ - Tracking platform

Track, monitor and analyze any moving object and make business decisions in real-time.

EaZy UI - Pre-built UI utilities

A set of pre built UI utilities to rapidly accelerate your web and mobile application development.

ChatZ - Custom chat bot with analytics

ChatZ is a voice/text based chat bot plugin which can connect to your database to get analytics based responses.

Open positions with us

Join Us! and start your unique, fulfilling and meaningful career with us. Surround yourself with a dynamic team and let's take IT forward to make a difference in the world.

  • Qualification:
    • 3+ years experience in Java; experience working with Springboot framework, RESTful API.
    • Experience working with MySQL, Oracle or SQL database.
    • Expereince in change and version control tools like GitHub, BitBucket etc.

    If interested kindly reach out to us with your resume info@zenitus.com

  • Qualification:
    • 2+ years experience in Mobile App development.
    • Good working knowledge of iOS SDK or Android SDK.
    • Experience integrating with RESTful API backends.
    • Experience working with Hybrid mobile app frameworks a plus(Ionic, Xamarin, React Native, Flutter).

    If interested kindly reach out to us with your resume info@zenitus.com

  • Qualification:
    • Japanese language proficiency minimum JLPT N3 level and should have working experience with Japanese customer.
    • Overal 8+ years experience in Technical field out of which minimum 2+ years experience in Project Management(Estimation, Schedule and Quality management expected).
    • Experience delivering Java based technical projects and good understanding of RDBMS.
    • Good Communication skills, leadership skills and should be a mentor to junior members of team.

    If interested kindly reach out to us with your resume info@zenitus.com

Our representative

Digital transformation has become an important and inevitable part of every business across the world. Using technology, we make it easier, faster and more cost effective for businesses to undertake the transformation.


Director and Chief Technology Officer

With over 18 years of IT and business experience and a good understanding of Japanese culture and 'their' way of software development, I was fairly successful in implementing multiple software projects for my Japanese customers.
Have built strong technical teams as Chief Technology Officer for both onsite and offshore development requirements. Have gathered passion towards emerging technologies and find pleasure in implementing them for customers.

Be Humble, give Respect and show Trust. Genuine mistakes are still ok!
- These are few important learnings from my experience working with Japanese customers.

Where we are

The south Indian city of Chennai is a destination for information technology outsourcing due to the vast number of skilled IT engineers. People say Chennai welcomes outsiders and gives them a new lease of life. We take pride in setting our office at Chennai and give back what we took from it, a new life.

India Office:

Zenitus Technologies Private Limited

K3, 3rd Floor, Block 5, Vishranthi Sabari Mondrian,
Wipro Street, Sholinganallur, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu - 600119.

+91 91767 58200  

Japan Office:

Zenitus Technologies 株式会社

212-0012 Kanagawa-Ken, Kawasaki-Shi,Saiwai-Ku,
Nakasaiwaicho, 3-16-4, Sanctus Kawasaki Tower